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45th Annual
Association of College Educators—Deaf and Hard of Hearing Conference

-Conference Theme-
Connecting the dots:
Drawing on interdisciplinary ideas and findings

...from February 7 to 9, 2019 in Chicago at…

Hyatt Centric Chicago Magnificent Mile

The theme of the 2019 ACE-DHH conference underlies a recognition that we, as academics, draw our energy from coming up with new ideas,
using them to frame our investigation, and bringing the resulting findings to the field. The organization represents a diverse membership who
brings a wealth of perspectives to draw on to help further ideas, discussion, and discoveries. We all share the passion to find ways to make
education more equitable for deaf and hard of hearing students and to increase the likelihood of their success.
We encourage you to submit a proposal that shares new findings or presents fresh ideas. Additional points will be provided for proposals that
incorporate the conference theme such as the different ways that:

1. Different dots may be connected.
2. Collaboration with others may be promoted to address common concerns within our field.
3. Others may benefit from and build on your ideas and findings.
4. Members of different teacher training program may serve as a resource for colleagues in other programs (advocacy, programming,
methodology, and research).
5. The members may reach out to others and learn from them.
6. We can draw on the Deaf community members as stakeholders in our work.

The submission deadline for proposals will be
September 16, 2018

This year we will be using Google Form for proposal submission. The content is very similar to the proposal form used in the past, but it looks

Please use this link to fill out the form.

There are some fields you must fill (they are marked by an asterisk). The reviewers will rank your proposal on the basis of the four areas
(rationale; method; results/outcomes; relevance to the conference theme and to the interests of the membership).

Thank you!

If you have any questions please contact the President-Elect, Dr. Marlon Kuntze

Proposals will be reviewed by the Program Committee in a blind review format. The goal is to announce the results no later than late October.
Please note that if the proposal is accepted, all presenters and co-presenters must register for the conference by January 1, 2019.